May 9, 2017

4 Latest Chrome’s Tab Management Extensions You Should Download Immediately

Working is fun only when there is an assistant to serve you. It goes like cooking, you always need someone to chop the veggies, marinate the meat hours earlier, and keep all the ingredients ready on the shelf. But how do you get such assistance working on a computer?
Google Chrome extensions are here to look to. With the following 4 amazing extensions, you can work hassle free.

One Tab

One Tab is a good help when your work requires fetching so many sites time to time, because keeping tens of tabs open not only gives an ugly screen look, but also goes hard on speed.

With One Tab, you can create a neat list of all the tabs on a separate page. You can always retrieve what you need with just a click. You can also restore back tabs on the desktop when you feel like. Add the free extension to your browser with this link.



Toby gives management a look which is more than just clean. It is sassy. It makes cards of your tabs making them look bigger. You wouldn’t not need to find anything, you would just get it; bold and prominent on the screen.

With Toby, you can also create a complete folder with a name and then add tags, lists, references, and links into the saved tab. It can also be group shared just like you do in Trello. With just a click, you can open, close, save, and delete tabs and all its content. Download it from here.


Tab Snooze

Tab snooze is a new approach to conventional tab management. It closes all the tabs not in current use automatically. You can but retrieve later those tabs by landing on the snooze list at the top right of chrome. It also does remind you itself of the pending tasks and to dos time to time. Add to chrome this smart assistance with this link.


The Great Suspender

The great suspender is an instant-action chrome extension which automatically suspends all the open tabs not in use for a while. This relieves a lot of load from the processor making it work faster and better.

You can customize your own settings about ‘which sort of tab is to be or not to be suspended’ and ‘how long to wait before suspending’, by personalizing the extension in settings. You can add this on your chrome with this link here.


Hope you enjoy working with these extensions. Stay tuned with Logo Design Champs blog for more tech and design updates.


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