May 9, 2017

Make the Most of Disneyland With My Disney App

Here is what we have now; an app that works as a Disneyland tour guide. My Disneyland App is just released with lots of befitting options to make your disneyland experience better than ever. Let’s check out how it helps:

Showtime Alerts

My Disney App tells you when and where the rides, shows, character appearances, and other attractions are taking place. You can always rush to the place where your app tells you that the best trick is happening. Sure you wouldn’t want to hear the other kid telling you what you just missed

Online Purchase

My Disney App saves you from waiting long in queues. It offers you to make the purchase of tickets online. It also makes dining reservations wherever you like. Literally, with My Disney App, you miss nothing.

Strategize Your Visit

My Disney App helps you to strategize the best workable plan to explore disneyland within the time in your pocket. It provides a schedule of all happenings and availabilities in the vicinity, so you plan your fun-time accordingly.


Within the disneyland, My Disney App helps you move forward by navigating you to the desired destination. This way, you would never get lost in the jumble of frenzy

Find a Place

My Disney App provides you a map for places surrounding you. It uses your phone’s GPS to help you find nearby places; hotels, restaurants, rest lounges, etc

If it is your first time to the land of fun, it is going to be the best help ever. Download the app for android with this link and for apple phones on this link. Stay tuned for more.


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